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The best way to learn about Gillette and Wright is from the locals, and we’d love to show you around. Together, we’ll explore history, geology and the wilderness. Schedule a solo tour or a bus load of people to see Wyoming like only a resident can show you. Book your tour today!

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History of the Name

Gillette is named after Edward Gillette, he was a surveyor for the railroad sent here to find a route through northeastern Wyoming. The route he chose saved the railroad 5 miles of track and many bridges. As payment they named the town after him.

Coal Mine Tours

Typically the tours run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We were not able to run them in 2020 due to COVID, but we hope that in 2021 we will be able to resume tours.

The mine may be viewed from the road as well. There is even an overlook that you can pull into and see the west pit of the mine. You can call the visitor center for more information and directions at 307-686-0040.

Durham Buffalo Tours

The tours usually start mid-June and run until Labor Day. They are offered twice a week, typically on Tuesday and Friday. They start at 10am on Durham Ranch. Durham Ranch is approximately 35 miles south of Gillette.

Visitors who are participating in a tour will need to drive to the ranch. Once at the ranch, there is a bus that will take you on the tour. At the time of your reservation you will be given more detailed directions to the ranch.

Public Restroom

We do not, but there are public restrooms a block away from the Visitor Center.